What it Means to Be Free?

São Paulo, 18 e Fevereiro de 2009


Uma irmã em Cristo que mora nos Estados Unidos,

gostou da mensagem “O que é ser Livre?” e traduziu: 




What it Means to Be Free?


by Sarah Sheeva

Aug 2, 2008



Do you know what it is to be free?

Many people think that “ to be free” means to be able to do whatever you want in your life.

To be able to satisfy all your desires…

Therefore ,” to be free” it does not mean “to do whatever you want”.

The meaning of “being free” goes deeper

Than that…

Basically ’to be free” is the opposite of “to be a prisoner”

What is a “prison”?

According to the dictionary the word prison comes from the Latin word prensione ou prehensione.
1. place where criminals are confined: a secure place where somebody is confined as punishment for a crime or while waiting to stand trial
2. confinement: a place or condition of captivity or unwanted restraint His fears are a prison that he cannot escape.

You can observe that one of the meaning for this word is “ something that confine or captive the spirit or the heart”…

But anyway, what the word “prison” means for you?

A while ago the Holy Spirit of God taking to me, brought me a deeper understanding about what “prison” means.

“Prison” is when your are not able to stop doing something , even knowing that the thing is bad for me.

This is a good definition of “prison”.

When you are incapable to get rid of something that makes you bad…

You have knowledge that it is bad for you …but anyway you can’t let it go.

This is prison.

To be free is the opposite of being a prisoner.

And despite many people’s thinking, to be free is not “ to do whatever you want” because many times people do whatever they want and still they are not free…


For example, a person that suffers from drug addiction can decide to spend all his money and property on drug…

He just wants to do it …

However, if he decides that he does not want to do drugs anymore , probably he will not be able to stop it…

It happens because his desire is “confined” in drugs. His will is confined in drug.

Even knowing that drugs are bad, the person just can’t stop … This person was able to do whatever he wanted to but he is not free to stop doing drugs, he does not stop…

The truth is: “To be free” it does not mean “to do whatever you want“…

To be free is to be capable to say NO for everything that is not good for you!

This is the real meaning of freedom!

To be free is “to have a choice” …

To be free is “ to have an option to do the best for yourself ! (not the worst…)

A free person always are able to choose GOOD instead of BAD.

To be free is to be able to choose, without nobody’s pressure , by your own and spontaneous will everything that is GOOD for you, not BAD…

Some people think that Christians are “prisoners of religion”

Other people think that “ the life of sanctity” that the real Christian lives ( and proclaims) is a prison where people are not allowed to do anything, a prison with a lot or rules, repression and so on…

This is a wrong perception of the truth .

For real, Christians are allowed to do everything that everyone else do…

The difference is:

The real Christian, the one that lives in sanctity, is so free that he is able to choose GOD instead of BAD for his life!

He can say NO to sin and YES to sanctity ! Alleluia!

Reflect this:

Why is the real Christian free?
Because unlike the impious (Psalms 1:6, Proverbs 4:19), the real Christian is not lead by his own will but by Gods Word!

The real Christian knows that our own human desires are vulnerable and have no value , and make us perish , because sometimes we want the worst for ourselves .

I lived this situation many times.
Even in relationships.

Many times a person get involved with someone that can not respond with the same love, and even knowing that this relationship makes her feel miserable, making her suffer, she can’t get out of the situation.

Many times we do not SEE the truth!

One of the first thing I learned in the Bible.

THIS IS HIS WORD FOR US ! (Romans 12:2)

I learned also that his will is that way, so his will is much better than my will.
I learned to present all my desires in His hands… all my wishes. I finally decided to surrender and trust, even to renounce my own will.

But , what all of this has to do with freedom?

Jesus said:

“… you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!” (John 8:32)

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except trough me…” (John 14:6)

It kind a like this:

The truth is Goodness… Lie is badness. 

The truth comes from GOD… The lie comes from the devil.

When we are free, we chose Goodness, and not Badness, remember?

Knowing the Truth has everything to do with being free. “You’ll know the truth and the truth will set you free”…

(Got it ?)

To be free is TO KNOW THE TRUTH…

To know Goodness …

To know Jesus…

And … when you know Jesus truly, you desire to be the way He is…

And He is Holy! (Jesus is Holy!)

That’s why (because he is Holy) you start to desire to be holly, to live a holy life, walk in holiness on the earth…

That means sanctity is part of your freedom…

To be holy has everything to do with to be free…

Despite many people think, who lives in sanctity ( who is really holy and do not live doing bad) is not “attached” to anything!

Neither religion, nor culture, habits, or delights , !

Who is holy, makes his desires to become “holy”…

His pleasure and will are “committed ” to God‘s will…

I can testify:

I am free!

Truly free!

I’ve been to many periods and process of sanctification in my life…

I know it is an eternal learning journey…

But nowadays, after the long way I’ve walked, I can tell you from inside my heart, because it is the truth: I succeeded!

For sure , it was not for my own strength , it was God working in my life! But I succeeded!

Today I live another reality!


My desires are more and more attached to God’s desires

And I am more and more in love with him!

Nowadays I am noxious towards sin and all that is bad for my life.

That‘s why I can testify one thing: it is wonderful to be free!

It is worthy to pay the price of being holy in a world corrupted by immoralities!

It is worthy to serve God!

The most wonderful is to a Christian!!!

I do not feel loneliness…

I do not feel emptiness…

I am free!

I am able to say NO to sin.
But the “NO” is not lip service, it comes from inside my heart!

I am delightful in little things in life…

I have interior peace… a peace that “ surpasses all understanding and guard my heart ”…

. (Philippians4:7)

I have happiness of being alive…

There’s no words to describe the love I have inside myself, the love that did not exist before I knew Jesus.

The love that covers everything, overcome everything, forgive everything, heals everything!

A love that express His Grace!

It is awesome to be a Christian

It is awesome to be free!

And it is truth!
The Bible is truth : His Grace is truly enough for !

“my strength is made perfect in weakness! (2 Corinthians 12:9)

And this is for everybody…

“ And you will seek me and find me, when you search for me with all your heart . (Jeremiah 29:13)

For all those who chose goodness for his own will.

The good, perfect, pleasant God’s will…
That’s why you also can be free!

Make an effort to know the truth! “the kingdom of haven suffers violence and the violent takes it” (Mathews 11:12)

Look inside yourself and reflect about your life….

Think about how you have been living…

Have you been seeking God?

Have you been related to you Father in the heaven?

Have you set some time aside to Know Jesus?

Are you free?

Have you been able to say No to sin and everything that is bad for you?

Have you won or been defeated by your own will?

Have you lived in Sanctity? Or doing bad?

Have you been able to say “Yes” to God and “NO to the devil?

What are the choices you have done?

Think about it…

Analyze yourself…

Review your life!

Ask” in the name of Jesus” God’s Holiness. That his Holiness enters you body!

And everything is going to change from now on.

In the moment you ask Him, the truth is going to come, and the knowledge comes with the truth!

The truth enters your body, and sets you free!

The ignorance is defeated! The truth won!

Now the devil can not deceive you with his lies !Glorify God for that !!!

Now you are free to live in sanctity. With no accusation, no prejudice


You have the choice, chose what is good, chose to be free!

Wanna be free?

“…And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32)

Nobody loves you like Jesus…

Stay in peace!



5 comentários em “What it Means to Be Free?

  1. Que benção Sarah,está irmã ter feito a tradução em Inglês.Deus disse Ide por todo mundo e Pregai o Evangelho a toda criatura, e a obra missionário é muito grande na sua vida, e suas mensagens edificadoras vão alcançar vários nações e você verá suas mensagem em várias línguas, que vai se expandir a todos os homens de todas as raças e em qualquer lugar.Amém,oro muito pelo seu ministério.
    Shalon Adonai,um abraço.

  2. Olá Sarah
    A abundância da chuva está chegando e você tem uma BOMBA DE PODER ESPIRITUAL E REVELAÇÃO que é a ORAÇÃO.Sei que você é uma mulher de oração.E o desejo das suas mensagens chegar até os confins da terra chegará,estou orando por isso.E através delas,todos os povos conheceram quem é Jesus em nossas vidas.Creia

  3. Ola!missionaria.
    O Senhor jesus cotinui te abençoando mais e mais
    e te usando poderosamente para levar a igreja de nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo a viver uma vida de santidade porque sem ela ninguém verar o Senhor.Shalon Adonai, um abraço.

  4. Boa noite Sarah, graça e paz pra vc, tenho a algum tempo lido teus testos e videos e tenho me edificado muito com tudo que vc faz ou melho o que Deus tem feito em sua vida, espero que ele te use cada vez mais pra nos entregar palavras maravilhosas q vem a nos edificar cada vez mais, nao consigo descrever o q venho sentido ao saber e sentir que Deus nos ama e é por nos… enfim que Deus te ilume e q vc permaneça assim sendo luz. Deus abençoe vc e sua familia.

  5. A paz Sarah,tenho assistido aos seus vídeos e tenho aprendido muito.
    o seu testemunho é maravilhoso eu louvo a Deus pela sua vida por ele ter te resgatado e ter feito uma mulher vitoriosa e abençoada.
    Que Deus continue te usando poderosamente como tem feito e que ele te abençoe e toda a sua familia cada vez mais pois você esta dentro da vontade do senhor.
    um abraço e fique na paz

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